The Poker Beat Proves Itself A Reader's Favorite
January 29, 2022

The winners for the 5th Annual Bluff Magazine Readers Choice Awards were finally announced yesterday, at, and this year a PokerRoad podcast earned one of the prestigious top honors.

The Poker Beat, a weekly poker news show featuring Scott Huff and a panel of expert journalists including B.J. Nemeth, Gary Wise, Dan "The Wolf Man" Michalski and until recently John Caldwell, was voted the "Favorite Poker Podcast" by Bluff readers, beating out numerous other top shows in the genre.

The podcast, which also features a weekly comedy segment from PokerRoad Radio's Joe Stapleton, as well as mysterious, often chastising, remarks from an anonymous true poker "Insider," is one of PokerRoad's newest shows- celebrating it's first anniversary yesterday (1/29)- and yet already it is one of the site's most successful, a fact seemingly proven by this most recent accolade.

When asked why he felt the show had won, host and producer Scott Huff seemed quick to spread the credit around, leaving little to none for himself.

"I think this award speaks to just how knowledgeable and entertaining our panelists are, and how highly regarded they are as journalists in our industry," stated Huff. "Also a big thanks to our listeners and the readers of Bluff Magazine, whose interest, and high poker IQs are the only thing that makes a show like this possible."

Episodes and subscriptions to The Poker Beat are available for free in the iTunes music store or the show can be listened to right here at

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Story by Mark Anderson

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