Seebs Announces Leap Of Faith Freeroll
February 1, 2022

What can make a guy feel better after continually bubbling major event final tables?  How about throwing a more successful tournament winner out of a moving airplane.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, PokerRoad President and UB sponsored pro Joe Sebok, recently announced an exciting new UB freeroll tournament where the winner and a friend will get to spend a weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, capped off with the once in a lifetime opportunity to go skydiving with Joe.

This freeroll tournament, currently set to take place February 17th at 9pm ET, is the first of six freerolls hosted by UB pros and along with the skydiving package awarded for first, will also feature $2,000 in cash and prizes.  The six freerolls have been bet on by the pros hosting them- including folks like Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth- and apparently the pro with the highest attendance will win a night of being catered to by the others- perhaps even more of a unique experience then plummeting towards the strip at 200 miles per hour.

The Sebok's Leap Of Faith tournament will require a password to enter, set to be released shortly before the events start via UB's twitter account (  For more information on this free event visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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