Lacey Jones Gets In Bed With Canadian Poker Tour
February 2, 2022

HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc., the company behind the Canadian Poker Tour (CPT), recently announced the signing of poker pro Lacey Jones, to officially become the "new face" of the CPT.

Jones, often considered one of the hottest women in poker, appears to be a near perfect fit for the CPT, according to President Kelly Kellner, who was quoted as saying "Here is a girl that loves hockey, loves Canadian beer and is an amazing poker player to top it off. I told her she has been picked up off waivers and claimed by Canada and the CPT."

Lacey, who is reportedly preparing a move to Vancouver in the coming months, will soon be seen all over Canada, starting with a cover feature story and pictorial spread in February's issue of Canadian Poker Player Magazine, where she'll most likely discuss her new duties with the tour.  One of those duties, will most certainly be to attract more strong female players- like herself- to Canadian poker events- a demographic that has sadly been in a decline in the region, over the last several years.

"I truly love Canadians and am so happy to be a part of the Canadian Poker Tour."  -Lacey Jones


Story by Mark Anderson

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