By George, Poker2Nite Gets Magical
February 3, 2022

Another Wednesday has rolled in and with it- for most of us- another all new episode of Poker2Nite, the Poker news and entertainment show featuring PokerRoad's own Scott Huff and Joe Sebok.

This week's brand new corpulent episode is packed to the point of busting, not only with the regular comedy goodness that head writer Joe Stapleton somehow successfully brings to the table every week, but with some real mainstream star power, as the boys sit down with poker player and television comedy icon Jason Alexander.

Alexander, undoubtedly most famous for his role as George Costanza (though personally I liked him as the scum bag lawyer Philip Stuckey in Pretty Women), has been playing more and more major poker tournaments since becoming an official "friend of PokerStars," an activity that can't always be easy when you've got one of the most recognizable mugs on the planet.   On this week's episode, the guys talk to Jason about his celebrity, poker and how well if at all, the two fit together.

Also on tonight's show: a quick conversation with Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari; a remote video featuring Justin Bonomo and his crew; all the poker news from the previous week; and a completely new segment specifically devoted to exploring past major tournament hands that Joe Sebok personally played... badly.  This new segment, titled "High Mis-stakes Poker," has to be the best idea since the "Seventhbok" nickname, for making our boy Joe feel bad about himself and his game, and should be- even if by itself- more than enough of a reason for turning on the tube tonight.

To catch today's (1/3/10) all new Poker2Nite, tune into FSN at 11PM ET (check local listings for times and channels), or head to title sponsor site, for more information on the show as well as archives of all the past episodes in their entirety. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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