Sebok Makes Bluff's List Of Poker's Most Powerful People
February 4, 2022

Bluff Magazine, with the help of numerous industry experts, has once again released their yearly list of Poker's 20 most powerful entities, and this year, PokerRoad's own Joe Sebok has made the cut.

The 2010 Bluff Magazine Power 20 list, was organized a little differently than in past years, as the editors tried their best to only list individuals instead of groups, companies and organizations.  What that means to readers, is that this year's "Power 20" no longer includes things like the Poker Players Alliance (#10 in 2009), GSN (#14 in 2008), the World Series of Poker (#1 in 2009) or the American People (#1 in 2008), but instead focuses on the individuals behind those groups traditionally represented (for example Tony G on this year's list as opposed to in previous years).

The only two notable exceptions to this new system involve the top two spots on the list, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, as the main people behind those companies- for cautionary legal reasons- apparently requested not to be named as individuals.

Given this new system, and the often numerous important people behind any single industry event- like the World Series of Poker- making the Bluff "Power 20" is seemingly tougher than ever so it's quite a coop that Seebs made it in, especially considering the distinguished list of power players that spring to mind who did not.  However, perhaps upon reflection, Joe's inclusion is not that surprising, especially given his new significant role with UB, his million plus twitter followers and his ever growing importance in poker media in general, not only through (which of course can't be overstated), but through Poker2Nite, the only weekly poker news show on television available throughout the US (FSN), Canada (The Score) and Europe (the Poker Channel). 

The complete 2010 Bluff Magazine Power 20 list is as follows:

1.  PokerStars

2.  Full Tilt Poker

3.  Mitch Garber

4.  Howard Lederer

5.  Ty Stewart

6.  Doyle Brunson

7.  Joe Cada

8.  Barney Frank

9.  Tony G

10.  Daniel Negreanu

11.  Phil Ivey

12.  John Pappas

13.  Mike Sexton

14.  Mori Eskandani

15.  Brian Balsbaugh

16.  Lance Bradley

17.  Joe Sebok

18.  Barry Shulman

19.  Matt Savage

20.  Per Hagen

For more information on this year's "Power 20," including detailed explanations for who made it and why, check out this month's issue of Bluff Magazine, available now.

Story by Mark Anderson

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