All Day Ones Done At ANZPT Adelaide
February 11, 2022

After three long Day 1 starting heats at the PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Adelaide, players still with chips finally get to see the complete picture of not only what they're still up against, but also what they could potentially earn if successful.

236 players in total entered this year's ANZPT Adelaide main event, and a little more than one hundred of those players have already been sent packing, leaving 122 to vie for the Adelaide trophy and the tournament's top prize.

With a buy-in of $3,000 Australian Dollars (AUD) and 236 total entrants, tournament organizers were able to make that top prize worth $165,900 AUD (nearly $150,000 US), the largest single portion to be doled out of a total prize pool worth $644,280 AUD.  Along with that top prize, 26 other players will also earn a share, forcing 95 of the players entering today's Day 2 fray, to still leave the casino empty handed, and without a single extra penny in which to use for walkabout.

Some of the familiar faces to be spotted over the three starting days included Tony Hachem, Eric Assadourian, Mike "SirWatts" Watson, Grant Levy, Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger and Clonie Gowen, now an official PokerStars sponsored pro.

For more information on the ANZPT Adelaide main event, visit, or check out the PokerStars blog.

Story by Mark Anderson

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