Forbes Article Puts The Spotlight On Internet Poker Power Players
February 12, 2022

When the Bluff Magazine "Power 20" List came out recently, many noticed that this year's list, which was suppose to be comprised of only individuals, had two companies listed in the top spots- Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.  The Bluff Editors noted that this was done by request of the people behind those companies, who for legal reasons apparently weren't excited about being named in print.

Well if that's the case, you have to wonder what those guys are thinking right now, avoiding being named on a Bluff list only to be featured on the cover of Forbes.

"Are The Feds Cracking Down On Online Poker?" is the name of the cover story in Forbes this month, which highlights many of the big names involved with the online poker sites that still allow US players including Doyle Brunson, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer; while asking some interesting questions as to why the US government- which seems to take the position that such sites are illegal- doesn't seem to mind that these guys are still waking around.

The comprehensive article does a good job in explaining the unusual legal position US online poker sites, and the people behind them, currently find themselves in and may potentially serve as a direct challenge to the US Department of Justice, who thus far has been either unwilling, or unable to challenge these power players in court.

To read the Forbes article, which is accompanied by a related article on PokerStars "online gambling's quiet giant," visit, or listen to the most recent episode of The Poker Beat, where Scott Huff and his panel of industry experts discuss the implications of this mainstream exposure, along with other top stories from the week.

Story by Mark Anderson

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