Fallen Heroes Tourney One Week Away
February 12, 2022

LA's famous Bicycle Casino, will once again be the place to be next Friday, February 19th, as they host the fourth annual Fallen Heroes Fund Memorial Poker Tournament, a charity event created to raise funds for the families of fallen peace officers and firefighters.

This No-Limit Hold 'em tournament, historically known to attract numerous top pros like Chad Brown, Linda Johnson and Mark Seif, can be entered for as little $120, with $60 optional rebuys during the first three levels of play.  The buy-in for the event- considered a donation- is fully tax deductible and registration, which includes a free dinner, is already available online (

The Fallen Heroes Fund, in the past has raised nearly $50,000 to help family members that were left behind, after officers and firefighters selflessly paid the ultimate price to protect Los Angeles area citizens, and much of that money came directly from this one important yearly event.

Players unable to attend next week's tournament, due to geography or scheduling conflicts, can still contribute to this highly worthy cause through direct, tax deductible, donations, made simply by visiting the Fallen Heroes Fund website (

Story by Mark Anderson

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