Carnevale Has Quite A Ride At ANZPT Adelaide
February 15, 2022

Australia's own Rennie Carnivale, took down the first main event of Season 2 of the PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) over the weekend, earning a top prize worth $165,900 AUD.

Rennie was the last one with chips, out of 236 registered players, including numerous pros that not only went deep but made the final table.  Besides Eric Assadourian, who unfortunately bubbled it in 10th place, both Billy "The Croc" Argyros and last year's ANZPT "Overall Champion," Tony Hachem, made it to the big money, busting within the final nine in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Carnivale, according to the PokerStars blog which featured updates of the Adelaide event throughout the course of the week, is not only a PokerStars Supernova player known to compete on 24 tables at a time, but also an amateur weightlifter, who recently qualified for the Australian Junior Powerlifting Championships.  Carnivale, is only 21 years-old.

The final table finish positions and payouts* for the 2010 ANZPT Adelaide main event were as follows:

1st.  Rennie Carnevale- $165,900

2nd.  Andrew Scarf- $105,980

3rd.  Octavian Voegele- $59,600

4th.  Michael Sellars- $46,710

5th.  Daniel Neilson- $38,655

6th.  Billy Argyros- $32,215

7th.  Tony Hachem- $25,770

8th.  Aleks Brkovic- $20,620

9th.  Todd Butcher- $15,465

*All payouts expressed in Australian Dollars.

Story by Mark Anderson

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