Players Begin Signing In To Sebok's Skydiving Freeroll
February 16, 2022

The Sebok's Leap of Faith freeroll No-Limit Hold 'em tournament on UB, is now just one day away, and as promised the password just became available.

Players wishing to sign up for this exciting freeroll, and possibly win the opportunity to go skydiving with Joe Sebok- one of poker's 20 most powerful people according to Bluff Magazine- can sign up right now, using the password "rainingsebok"! 

Of course if you haven't downloaded the free UB software you'll want to do that first, but that's simply a matter of clicking here, and following a few easy instructions- use referral code "SEBOK" to receive an 111% first-time deposit bonus (up to $1,100).

Along with the Skydiving grand prize, which is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity, there will also be over $2,000 in cash and prizes given away to players that go deep in the event- which is really pretty remarkable given this tournament costs nothing to enter.

To learn more about the Sebok's Leap Of Faith freeroll visit, or just head right to UB (through PokerRoad by clicking here), open an account, and prepare for tomorrow's (2/17) tournament (#5090727) at 9PM ET.  What else do you need to know?

Story by Mark Anderson

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