Sebok's Skydiving Partner Decided
February 18, 2022

The 0.00 buy-in, Sebok's Leap of Faith Tournament concluded yesterday on UB, with one player earning close to $500, and the other the chance to carefully exit an airplane, a few thousand feet before it lands.

Online player "NAFNAF111" was the last player sitting out of 1,656 registered players that chose to enter last night's UB event, after knocking out "CASTLEKEEP" in the final hand with nothing better than an Ace to go with the board's pair of Nines.  "CASTLEKEEP's" King high was good for second place and $475, the biggest chunk of over $2,000 in cash prizes given out during the event. 

With the win, "NAFNAF111," will now begin preparing for his one in a lifetime opportunity to head to Vegas and go Skydiving with Joe Sebok, something very few people can claim they've done.

This unusual freeroll event was just the first of numerous such tournaments featuring UB sponsored pros, including future freerolls hosted by Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth.

For more information on last night's Sebok's Leap of Faith freeroll tournament visit the UB blog page.

Story by Mark Anderson

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