2 Months 2 Million, 2 Cease 2 Be
March 2, 2022
Fans of the G4 reality program, 2 Months 2 Million, will apparently not get to see online players Dani Stern, Emil Patel, Brian Roberts and Jay Rosenkrantz, take another shot at earning $2,000,000 during a single summer, as according to a recent article in Poker News Daily, the show has been cancelled.

2 Months 2 Million, the first reality show to turn the lenses towards the life of high stakes online poker professionals, gave viewers a unique look into what Vegas can be like for the many young pros that ascend upon that city every year during the World Series of Poker, and although it proved itself to be popular among many poker critics and die hard fans, it apparently was unable to gain the kind of mainstream acceptance G4 was hoping for in the long run. 

The show, which was moved to a different time-slot midseason last year, in an attempt to improve ratings, ended its 10-episode run with the stars “only” earning a little under $700,000, making a second season appear necessary given the show’s ambitious title.  However, despite the players desires to give the $2,000,000 mark another shot, the network in the end, seemed more interested in cutting their losses.

For more information check out the full article from Poker News Daily .
BigEdJrThat kinda sucks, was looking forward to it coming back.0