Barry Gains A Pupil Via The Lessons With The Bear Tournament
March 8, 2022
Russell "njcrash" Scibetti, the winner of PokerRoad’s Lessons With The Bear promotional tournament on PokerStars yesterday, earned himself the right to sit at the feet of the master, for an hour of poker strategy talk with Barry Greenstein.

Scibetti, fought his way through a total field of 589 entrants to score the potentially life changing lesson, not only outlasting his future teacher in the event, but also pro player Thuy Doan, The Poker Mind’s Amanda Leatherman and online wunderkind Ryan "g0lfa" DeAngelo- all of whom were bounties in the tournament.

Along with the lesson, “njcrash” earned a top prize worth $1,240.67 for taking down the $10 + $1 buy-in tournament, nearly $350 more than runner up “arrasador222" and about $225 more than 73rd place’s "SandmanJD," as he was the one who earned a grand for knocking out the Bear.

The final table finish positions for PokerRoad’s Lessons With The Bear promotional tournament were as follows:

1st.  njcrash- $1,240.67 + one hour lesson with the Bear

2nd.  arrasador222- $895.70

3rd.  UB_Bone- $668.33

4th.  kruszczyk- $499.52

5th.  heyrayray18- $347.25 + $500 bounty for eliminating Thuy Doan

6th.  matadorsix- $275.60

7th.  bravone- $206.70

8th.  gammary- $137.80

9th.  DrGrimes82- $82.68

One of the bounties from yesterday’s event, 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Joe Cada, ended up unable to play in the tournament, so his $500 bounty is as yet unclaimed.  It looks like PokerRoad may just have to treat the fans to another major promotional event very soon, just to give out that money.

For more information on that, keep visiting, for a big tournament announcement in the coming days.

UPDATE:  Information on PokerRoad's next big promotion, this time with online poker site Only Poker, is now available, click here to find out more.
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