Hellmuth, Habib And Three Other Heavy Hitters, Seek Andy Seth’s Stack In San Jose Shooting Star
March 12, 2022
After four days of play at the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star event in San Jose, California, only 6 players remain, yet there are still top pros, internet whizzes, a PokerRoadster, and even a $5,000 bountied “shooting star” still in the mix.

This impressive final group is currently lead by online pro Andy Seth, yesterday’s Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day, whose 2,164,000 tournament stack currently eclipses his closest rival's, Mr. Phil Hellmuth, by more than 700,000. 

Hellmuth (1,433,000 in chips), the most internationally acclaimed player of the final six (or perhaps anywhere in the world), has still yet to prove himself a champion on a major WPT stage, but with the second largest stack and a home field advantage, Phil may just earn yet another major feather, in his already over stuffed cap.

Also still sitting with a large stack, and not to be counted out, is PokerRoad blogger Dan O’Brien (1,129,000), who after outlasting 327 players is now just five more away from earning his first major WPT title, as well as the $878,500 top prize that goes with it.

Hellmuth, O’Brien and Seth will surely provide enough action for any one final table to ask for, however there are still three other players, as yet unmentioned, with both the chips and reputations to not only add to that excitement, but perhaps even win the thing.  The other three tough players to make the 2010 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star final table are Mclean Karr (1,112,000), Hasan Habib (455,000) and Matt Keikoan (371,000).

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