New PokerRoad Partnership With DeepStacks Live Heralds More Shows/Opportunities
March 24, 2022
DeepStacks Live, the real world poker training program that features such top names as Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Justin “BoostedJ” Smith as on-site instructors, has announced a new partnership with, making PokerRoad the “official media partner” not only of DeepStacks Live, but of DeepStacks University ( the highly regarded online poker training site.

Fans of PokerRoad’s many popular shows like Cash Plays, Two Jacks In The Hole and PokerRoad Radio, should immediately see the benefits of this new partnership as new, previously unscheduled shows, will now be a common occurrence at DeepStacks Live events like the one coming up this Saturday, March 27th at the Commerce Casino, featuring a live PokerRoad Radio remote starring Joe Sebok and Joe Stapleton.

“This partnership marks the natural combination of two innovative poker products that will benefit PokerRoad Nation and DeepStacks Live students,” said DeepStacks CEO Chris Torina. “Having PokerRoad Radio at DeepStacks events will give our training sessions the feel of a major tournament stop and help our students get better equipped for the poker success that DeepStacks is preparing them for.”

Saturday’s DeepStacks Live Experience, despite featuring instruction from some of the toughest names in poker, costs only $79 to enter, yet fans of PokerRoad’s Two Jacks In The Hole could get in even cheaper (free in fact) just by listening to tonight’s (3/24) hilarious show live, and winning a seat when the opportunity arises.  Tonight’s "Two Jacks" is set to kick off around 8:00pm PT.

“ prides itself on highlighting the coolest things in poker and what is cooler than a poker training program based on military strategy? DeepStacks is a great innovator in poker education and we’re thrilled to be their official media partner” President and Founder Joe Sebok

For more information on this weekend’s DeepStacks Live Experience at the Commerce Casino visit, and keep listening to all the great PokerRoad podcasts for more information on future events like the amazing sounding 2-day Cash and Tournament Camp, already in the works for April 10th (yep the PokerRoad Radio guys will be there for that one too).
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