CEREUS Announces Double Points Sit-N-Go Weekend
March 25, 2022
Sit-n-go players who compete on the CEREUS poker network have been given a little something extra to play for this weekend, as representatives from and Absolute Poker recently announced all of March 27th and 28th, will reward sit-n-go players with double their regular frequent player points, just for playing as they usually would.

These loyalty reward bonus points will be automatically added to players accounts as the are accrued- the same way regular points are- and are immediately available for players who have been saving up for that little something special at the online poker store.

For more information on the Double Points Sit-n-Go Weekend, or to sign to sign up to UB through PokerRoad click here.  And use referral code "SEBOK" to receive an 111% first-time deposit bonus (up to $1,100).
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