Breaking News: Only Poker Rodman Tourney Bumped For Now; New Event Added
March 26, 2022
Interesting, so it turns out working with Dennis Rodman can be somewhat unpredictable, huh, who knew?  Quick, someone go tell Phil Jackson and Annie Duke.

Anyway, it appears organizers for this weekend’s big PokerRoad promoted, Dennis Rodman No-Limit Hold ‘em tournament at online poker site Only Poker, have been forced to push back the event to a later date, due to previously unforeseen complications.   Organizers from the site have replaced this weekend’s big event- set to go off March 28th at 4pm EST- with a special bonus $500 freeroll, as a mea culpa of sorts for the delay, and have automatically entered all players registered for the Rodman tournament into that special freeroll.  All buy-ins for the Rodman event, have of course also been refunded in full.

As this story is still developing, at the moment there is no exact word as to when the Rodman event will actually take place, however until it does players who wish to still have time to play this weekend’s free event as well, simply by signing up through PokerRoad using promotional code “road2010”.

For more information on this story as it develops, keep checking back here at PokerRoad or visit the PokerRoad forums.
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