Does Poker Keep You Young?
March 29, 2022
Doyle Brunson, the man many refer to as the "Godfather of Poker," is still blogging, tweeting and playing cards at the highest level despite being in his late 70’s, a fact few would argue is pretty amazing, yet apparently there’s a poker player in Oklahoma who might not be that impressed, in actuality he may just consider “Texas Dolly” little more than a spring chicken.

Ruben Hopper, a 106 year-old retired farmer and wicked tap dancer, was recently featured in the Oklahoman, where it was revealed that like Brunson, Hopper’s favorite past time is playing poker- though in his case admittedly he does stick to the lower limits.  "I like draw, stud, seven-card,” stated Hopper, "but I never went in for big games- I don’t like the big stuff.”

In the excellent article- and accompanying video- Hopper seems to credit his longevity to working hard and growing and eating lots of vegetables, but after watching him play and considering the state of other well known older but still vibrant players like T.J. Cloutier (70), Amarillo Slim Preston (81) and Jack Ury- who at 96 was featured in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event coverage as the oldest player in the field- it’s hard not to wonder if Hopper’s poker playing didn’t at least play a small part in his still clearly sharp and well honed senses.

To read more about Reuben Hopper, or to watch some of his amazing tap dancing skills, check out the article by clicking here.
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