This Week Poker2Nite Has Fun With Prahlad, Tony G
March 31, 2022
Poker2Nite, the weekly poker news and entertainment show featuring PokerRoad’s own Scott Huff and Joe Sebok, is back again today (3/31) with the fifth episode of Season 2, and once again the show must be considered mandatory viewing for poker fans.

Not only will this week’s episode feature a Skype call with Tony G, one of poker’s most powerful people according to Bluff Magazine, but it will also host a live in-studio interview with Prahlad Friedman, the reigning WPT Legends of Poker champion and currently one of the top 50 nominees in the voting for who most deserves a shot to play in this year’s World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions.

The Tony G portion of the show should certainly be interesting considering his personal knowledge of the true identity of online monster Isildur1 and his recently highly publicized offer to stake the young pro in his first ever live television appearance, but the truly wild part of the program is expected to come from Prahlad, who is visiting the set just one week after Jeff Madsen- the only other high stakes poker player besides Prahlad that fancies himself a serious rapper. 

Last week, when Madsen appeared on Poker2Nite, he busted some sick rhymes and was given the unofficial Poker2Nite rap trophy- according to host Scott Huff- but you know that wont stand with Prahlad, who is expected to showcase some of his own mad skills on the program, and possibly claim the best Poker2Nite rapper title for himself, while at the same time talking some tournament poker with the fellas.

Along with all that, tonight’s Poker2Nite, which is once again set to air on the VERSUS channel at 11PM EST, will also feature the always lovely Dana Workman pulling cards from the Poker2Nite Reader Mailbag, with real fan questions answered- as always- by the game's top pros like Antonio Esfandiari and Brandon Cantu.

For more information on Poker2Nite visit the show’s website hosted by UB, the official sponsor of Poker2Nite.
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