Isildur1 Set To Appear On Television
March 31, 2022
Not since Keyser Soze, has a “who is” question been so often asked, yet the answer to “who is Isildur1?” may soon very well be known, as according to Tony G's blog, the high stakes online monster with that moniker has confirmed he will play in the upcoming televised PartyPoker Big Game IV.

This announcement comes shortly after an official offer by Mr. G- the only top pro to continually assert that he knows the true identity of Isildur1- to stake the volatile pro if he wants to play in the event; in offer which very well could have been a necessary part of getting Isildur1 to play, as the arguably reckless pro does have the reputation of being able to lose his millions almost as quickly as he's known to win them.

The possibility of being able to see Isildur1 play live is certainly an exciting one, but it should be noted that just because he has apparently agreed to come on the program does not necessarily mean we will all finally learn who he is.  Organizers of the PartyPoker Big Game IV, have allowed Isildur1 the option of wearing a mask while he competes in this year's event, and apparently that’s an offer he may just accept as well.

To learn more about this story check out Tony G’s blog by clicking here, or watch tonight’s Poker2Nite, at 11PM EST on VERSUS, where hosts Scott Huff and Joe Sebok talk with Tony G via Skype about Isildur1 and what exactly he’s capable of.
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