Prominent PokerRoad Personality Accused Of Multi-Accounting
April 1, 2022
Scott Huff, amateur poker player and co-host of such popular shows as Two Jacks In The Hole, The Poker Beat and TV’s Poker2Nite, found himself the focus of the latest multi-accounting scandal recently when it was discovered that, athough registered on Twitter as @ScottBHuff, he has in the past- or is perhaps even currently- the writer behind as many as 3 separate non-@ScottBHuff related Twitter accounts.

Authorities have yet to release the names of all of the suspect Twitter accounts in question- due to an ongoing investigation- however one of them, @huffstapes, Huff himself seemed to recently admit writing tweets for on the most recent Two Jacks In The Hole, thus possibly also implicating his co-host Joe Stapleton, who may have multiple accounts himself, or at the very least is suspected of violating the longstanding “one person to a tweet” rule, by sharing information with Huff.

What exactly will happen to Huff and his future at PokerRoad if these rumors of multi-accounting turn out to be true, is as of yet unknown.  Technically, given the new and somewhat undefined nature of Twitter, there are no US laws specifically in place against multi-accounting on the popular social networking site, and indeed there doesn’t even seem to be anything against it in Twitter’s own Terms of Service (TOS), still though given the industry’s already tense feelings on the subject of multi-accounting, and the role Huff traditionally plays in it, he should have known he wasn’t going to get away with this.
BenMust have been because people expected his jokes at his regular Twitter account, so he had to move onto an unknown account, thus masking his play.0
SeebsWe are looking into this and will be making an announcement shortly.1
Unicorn_LordJust as planned0