Everest Poker Sues To Get Out Of WSOP Contract
April 3, 2022
Ultra Internet Media, the company behind Everest Poker, recently filed a lawsuit against Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. to free themselves from the rest of a reported $22.5 million sponsorship agreement with the World Series of Poker, according to a recent article in the Las Vegas Sun, a contract they’ve been involved in since 2008.

According to the suit, in exchange for the money, Harrah’s had agreed to display the Everest poker logo prominently and on the table felt of all major televised tournaments, but then later in effect violated that agreement, when they failed to stop an ESPN affiliate in France, which continually displayed the Full Tilt Poker logo instead.

As per the original contract, Everest had already paid an estimated $6.2 million in sponsorship money to the WSOP in 2008, and another $7.9 million in 2009, leaving around $8.4 million for 2010, assuming the company is unsuccessful in this attempt at getting out of the agreement.
For more information read the Las Vegas Sun article by clicking here.

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