James Mitchell Wins The Irish Poker Open
April 6, 2022
England’s James Mitchell, became the last player with chips recently at the 2010 Irish Poker Open, an enviable position that assured he'd receive that event's top prize worth €600,000 (or about $805,000 USD).

In order to reach this position Mitchell had to outlast a total record tying field of 708 players (same number as the 2007 Irish Open), each of whom invested €3,500- one way or the other- in order to compete.

Some of the recognizable players in this year’s field included Ross Boatman, Arnaud Mattern, Julian Thew, Alan Smurfit, Sorel Mizzi, Andrew Feldman and Andy Black.

The final table finish positions for the 2010 Irish Poker Open were as follows:

1st.  James Mitchell- €600,000

2nd.  Paul Carr- €312,600

3rd.  Santeri Valikoski- €205,200

4th.  Rob Sherwood- €163,300

5th.  Ben Roberts- €130,600

6th.  Edmund Sweeney- € 100,800

7th.  Declan Connolly- €75,000

8th.  Peter Murphy- €56,300

For more information on this year’s Irish Poker Open, or to read the event’s updates as they happened, either visit the PaddyPowerPoker blog or
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