The World Series of Golf is Back Again
March 26, 2022
Over the years, many non-poker related events have tried their best to capitalize on the booming popularity of poker and Texas Hold 'em. Most of these events have failed miserably and usually for good reason. However, last year one such event would have to be seen as a huge success: attracting daily interest throughout the poker media; generating buzz on the forums; and bringing in top poker names like Phil Ivey, Rhett Butler, and Phil Gordon to sign up and play... I'm speaking of course of the 2007 World Series Of Golf.

A poker-themed golf match which combines the strategy of poker with the dexterity of golf - actually not a horrible idea. Competitors in this $10,000 buy-in event are usually amateur golfers who also happen to be world-class gamblers. This creates an unpredictable, fun event with big money on the line for the eventual winner. Last year's winner, amateur Mark Ewing, took home $250,000 for the first place.

Given the success of the first World Series of Golf then, it should be no surprise that the organizers of the event are bringing it back for 2008. The 2008 World Series of Golf is co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Mirage Casino and is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort from May 12th through the 15th. Poker Pro Tom "Donkey Bomber" Schneider has already signed up for this year's event, and given how much poker players love golf, I'm sure he wont be the only big name pro to do so.

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