Kentucky Takes On Full Tilt
April 7, 2022
State officials in Kentucky, still in the midst of their fight to seize 141 gambling related domain names that they say illegally peddled to their citizens, recently filed yet another case against the online poker industry and in particular Full Tilt Poker, claiming those behind Full Tilt “...have done, or have caused to be done, tortuous acts in the commonwealth...” presumably by allowing their citizens to play on their site.

The unusual complaint, available for viewing at, asks for damages equal to the money lost by all the citizens of their state since 2005, plus interest, fees and “such further relief as the court deems just and proper.”

Although specifically targeting Full Tilt Poker, or to be more exact Pocket Kings Limited- the business entity behind Full Tilt according to the complaint- the complaint also mentions many other poker rooms that “...have acted in concert in joint ventures to facilitate, host, operate, and profit from online gambling businesses.”  Some of these other “unknown defendants” specifically mentioned in the complaint include,,,,,,, and many others, any one of whom could be next on the chopping block, if things ultimately go well against Full Tilt.

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