Poker2Nite Gets Sporty
April 7, 2022
Today’s Poker2Nite, featuring PokerRoad’s own Scott Huff and Joe Sebok, along with the regular discussion on poker’s recent happenings, will also cover some mainstream sports talk, as the guys converse not only with Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss but also with legendary sports announcer Bruce Buffer.

Buss, already a regular face at many poker tournaments and on televised poker shows, has reportedly been getting even more into poker lately and has been very publicly flirting with the idea of going pro.  This extreme thought has made for some fairly major headlines for the 77 year-old player, and makes him a perfect person for the guys to rap with on Poker2Nite.  I wonder if Sebok talks him out of it.

Bruce Buffer on the other hand has shown no hint at changing professions, and why would he?  Currently at the top of his field as the main voice behind the ever growing Ultimate Fighting Championship, Buffer’s voice is quickly becoming just as well known as his older half-brother Michael’s- of “let’s get ready to rumble fame.  Known as the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon,” Bruce is also often seen on the poker tournament trail and is the ideal choice to discuss why poker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) so often seem inexplicably linked.

Along with Buss, Buffer and the boys expect to also see... uh.. women, as this week’s episode will once again feature Dana Workman in the “mailbag” as well as a new “Girls of Poker” segment featuring UK poker babe Liv Boeree.

For more information on tonight’s 11PM EDT episode of Poker2Nite on the Versus channel, visit the presenting sponsor of Poker2Nite.
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