Cake Poker Network Gains Friends But Loses France
April 9, 2022
Cake Poker, one of the largest online poker networks, has gone through some major changes as of late, adding three new poker sites worth of players to their group, while at the same time being forced to pull out of an entire country.

French players, due to their government’s new recently finalized online gambling regulations, will no longer be accepted as real money players on the Cake Poker Network starting today, according to a recent story at, at least that is, until the company has a chance to obtain all the relevant licenses to allow them to play legally.

France’s new online poker legislation, though in the long run most likely beneficial for the country’s many players, over the next year or so is likely to prove itself highly problematic, as Cake is in all probability just the first of many popular online poker networks that will be forced to drop it’s citizens, until they can find a way to work within the new system.

Though players on the Cake Poker Network, which encompasses such popular sites as Doyle's Room, Lock Poker, Players Only, Only Poker and Cake Poker, are likely to notice the sudden absence of France’s players, for the time being they can take some solace in the fact that Cake has just added three new partners to their network, JuicyStakes, BeteXpress and KakuyPoker, hopefully providing some fresh blood to replace the french fish.

To learn more about this story check out the article at, or play on the Cake Network for some real first hand knowledge.  Join Cake Poker or Only Poker now through PokerRoad for a 110% first deposit bonus worth up to $600.
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