Esfandiari On Entourage
April 10, 2022
Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, during a recent trip to the South Land, was apparently able to land a small cameo in the popular HBO series Entourage, and in the spirit of the show, successfully got his friend hooked up too.

According to Antonio’s blog, his connection to the Entourage shoot came about via one of those notorious Hollywood home games often whispered about in the corners of poker rooms, where he was just basically asked if he wanted to take part in the program.  Apparently, the answer to that question for Antonio was what he calls a “no-brainer,” and within days he was on set with his friend and fellow poker pro Alec Torelli, who began the day as a mere spectator yet somehow ended it in the poker scene as well.

Entourage, one of HBO’s most successful series, begins it’s seventh season this Summer. 

For more information check out Antonio’s most recent blog through PokerNews, or click here to see Antonio in another huge cameo opportunity, this time in David “The Maven Chicotsky’s recently released “A Day In The Life...” video on
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