Poker2Nite Preempted But Worth The Wait
April 14, 2022
With the NHL Hockey Playoffs just beginning, it looks like our boys from Poker2Nite, Scott Huff and Joe Sebok, will now have to deal with the downside of their show being located on Versus, “the home of all things hockey,” as it reportedly is already being moved to tomorrow (4/15) at 5:30PM EST, in order to not interrupt the Playoffs in most major US markets.

Luckily, this week’s show is worth a little flexibility, and is already being called by Huff (via his own twitter account @ScottBHuff) as their “best episode yet,” featuring not only the winner of the most recent NAPT Mohegan Sun stop, but also Harrah’s Ty Stewart and a special “Girls of Poker” segment with the always mesmerizing Erica Schoenberg.

It should all make for one hell of a good show, and I’m sure poker and hockey fans are glad they wont have to choose between the two; but for those die hard poker folks out there, perhaps surprised that hockey’s even still on TV, fear not, there’s just one more day to wait for your Huff, Seebs and Dana Workman fix.

For more information check local listings or visit, the title sponsor of Poker2Nite and the home of the show’s official website.
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