Lee Looms, Sorel Sits And Gavin Graces The Borgata Spring Poker Open Final Table
April 15, 2022
Of the 62 players that chose to compete at this year's Borgata Spring Poker Open, probably less than 20 were recognizable poker household names, yet with only one table of players now remaining organizers at the Borgata find themselves blessed with the kind of final table you’d usually have to run an invitational only tournament just to get close to.

PokerRoad’s Gavin Smith, entering the final as seven of nine (you could say), is just one of numerous beloved pros at this final table; others include Sorel Mizzi, Chris Klodnicki and Lee Markholt, who all together have over $12,000,000 in tournament cashes, and more hours playing the game of poker than is even possible to guesstimate.

The chip counts heading into the Borgata Spring Poker Open final table are as follows:

1st.  Dave Peters 419,500

2nd.  Sorel Jay Mizzi 383,100

3rd.  Chris Klodnicki 277,300

4th.  Scott Blackman 166,500

5th.  Philip Collins 139,800

6th.  Taha Maruf 137,300

7th.  Gavin Smith 123,300

8th.  Miguel Borrero 112,000

9th.  Lee Markholt 101,200

Despite this event being “only” a $7,500 buy-in, and it rewarding less than $200,000 for first place, clearly with so many big names still in the field this final table has the potential to be as difficult- if not more- then any of these players has ever had to deal with and should- it goes without saying- make for some riveting poker action when play resumes at noon EST.

To peak in on the action, check out the official Borgata poker blog at, or hang out on the PokerRoad homepage, where Gavin’s tweets are sure to show up on the PokerRoad Nation scroll bar.
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