Full Tilt Rides The Rush To An All New Style Of Tournament
April 16, 2022
When online poker site Full Tilt Poker signed off last night to install its most recent batch of updates- around 3am PST- not much more was expected than perhaps a new style of ring game, or a new animal avatar or two (it has been awhile Full Tilt), but when the site returned this morning it quickly made headlines, with a whole new style of tournament able to capitalize on the popular Rush Poker phenomenon.

These new Rush tournaments, which have already begun running on the popular site, capitalize on the speed of Rush and just like the ring games, whisk players away to a new table the moment they fold to instantly deal them a new hand against different players.

In order to keep the hot action cooking, once the tournament begins to get low in players and constant switching no longer becomes feasible in 9 nine-handed play, the tournaments will become short handed, thus allowing the action to continue unabated until the last nine players reach the final table.

For those uninitiated in the cult that is Rush ring games, this concept may seem a bit foreign at first, but folks are likely to catch on fast and if these new tournaments are even half  as successful as the Rush ring games have been, then it appears Full Tilt Poker may have yet another major hit on their hands.

For more information on the new Full Tilt Poker Rush tournaments sign into the Full Tilt lobby and look for the little square Rs; or to open a new account through PokerRoad’s Rakeback site and possibly take advantage of 27% Rakeback and a 100% deposit bonus up to $600, just click here.

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