Bodog Team Changes Both Physically and Philosophically
May 4, 2022
As perhaps expected, Team Bodog has been highly active over the last two weeks since Team member David Williams won the World Poker Tour World Championship at the Bellagio, however the specific activities which have taken place, were much less expected and perhaps even emphasize a new team philosophy at Bodog.

The first and most shocking change for the team, ironically, was removing Williams from it, despite his $1.5 Million highly publicized win, leaving only Evelyn Ng to represent a stable which previously held such other big names as Jean-Robert Bellande and PokerRoad favorite Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo.  Williams as a result now finds himself in the somewhat foreign position of being without a home, despite almost $8 million in lifetime tournament winnings and some real evidence that this young- somewhat controversial- pro has never been stronger.

Evelyn Ng on the other hand, according to the popular tournament earnings data base, has not had a substantial live cash since 2008, however it now seems likely that her spot on Team Bodog may be secured, as a recent new team member announcement from the online site, appears to shed some light on their unusual new direction- particularly given some of the language they have chosen to use to describe it.

Bodog, after a substantial online search and competition, utilizing such sites as Facebook and Twitter, has announced a new member for the team, and like Evelyn she is a young, sexy female, seemingly poised to make a real impact on the poker scene. 

Online player Amanda Musumeci, previously known in the online poker world as “Manderbutt,” has over $175,000 in online winnings according to a recent Bodog press release and will now represent the popular site at many future live events including around ten events at this year’s World Series of Poker. 

In a somewhat telling statement, Bodog is billing Amanda as the newest member of what is “easily the hands down most attractive team in the industry.”

For more information on Amanda Musumeci, visit her new Bodog Team member page.
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