WSOP Conference Call Lays Out The 2010 Facts
May 5, 2022
There are numerous appetizers every year before the World Series of Poker main course; things that happen that let us know how truly close we are to the most significant poker series of the year.  One of these appetizers for us poker media folk, is the annual WSOP conference call, when organizers discuss the newest changes for the upcoming Series, while at the time stoking the fires of excitement and anticipation.

Although rarely a place to unveil earth-shattering news, once again this year’s conference call did share some information that poker diehards may enjoy chewing on, for instance:

-Pre-registration is up for this year’s WSOP compared to last year.

-There will be 377 tables set up for the 2010 Series, spread across two large rooms; 25% more than last year.

-Phil Ivey is currently leading the field in votes for the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

-The 2010 WSOP bracelets will be designed by Franck Muller, a highly respected Swiss watch maker.

-The bracelet ceremonies will return for this year and will be held in the Pavilion, the second of the two main rooms.

With the first event of the World Series of Poker now less than one month away, more news from the WSOP should begin to arrive on a nearly daily basis, to keep abreast of it all visit or keep checking back here at
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