Leggett Responds To New Cereus Security Concerns
May 7, 2022
A potentially exploitable security flaw in the Cereus Poker Network software, reported by online site, created quite a stir yesterday, prompting Tokwiro COO Paul Leggett to post a blog addressing the issue mere hours after the story first appeared.

The flaw, apparently a result of Cereus’ non-standard encryption method, according to the article makes it possible for other users to see a player's personal information if they are on the same network (wired or wireless)- including their hole cards- simply by employing a relatively basic computer program and hack.

Leggett, having perhaps learned from criticisms on how his company handled the earlier UltimateBet scandal, not only responded to this new issue very quickly, but also admitted there was indeed a problem, while offering assurances that it would be corrected shortly.

To read Paul Leggett’s blog post at UB, click here.
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