Bellande’s Bankroll Blues A Favorite Twitter Topic
May 11, 2022
Jean-Robert Bellande, the ex-Survivor and favorite top poker pro, has been getting a lot of attention lately through his twitter account, thanks to a surprising and unusual willingness to be completely financially candid.

Bellande, so famous for living on the edge of financial ruin that his favorite catch phrase is “broke and living like a millionaire,” has been sharing his actual bankroll totals- both live and online- recently on his twitter account, @BrokeLivingJRB, with a seeming inverse ratio between it’s negative fluctuations and his account’s growing popularity. 

Mere days ago,  Bellande reported that all his numbers were at zero and though to Bellande’s good friends yet another busting isn’t necessarily news, to his many new twitter followers and a story hungry poker media, it certainly seems to be, resulting in many concerned @replys and new headlines for the ex-Bodog pro.

With the World Series of Poker less than three weeks away, Jean-Robert’s simple tweet on May 8th stating, “Cash 0 Stars 0 FTP 0 I feel sleepy.” certainly seems worthy of concern, however anyone familiar with Jean-Robert’s story knows this is a familiar track for him to take, and indeed one he usually finds a way back from.  In fact, on a recent timely interview on PokerRoad’s own Cash Plays with Jeremiah Smith, Bellande himself seemed to state as much.

“You’ve [Jeremiah] probably witnessed me going busted to zero several times.  Most of my friends have seen it a lot of times.”

“I am one of these guys that if I do go bust tonight, you know, there’s like 5 or 10 people lined up to stake me to do business again tomorrow...  I’m not going to be out on my ass...”
- Jean-Robert Bellande, Cash Plays interview 4/26/10

For more on Jean-Robert Bellande, check out the full Cash Plays interview by clicking here.
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