Cereus Looking For People To Get Prop Bet Crazy At 2010 WSOP
May 11, 2022
Players hoping to play in at least one event at this year’s World Series of Poker may now get their shot, using just a little creativity, a video camera, and a healthy dose of “all in good fun” cruelty.

UB and Absolute Poker, like seemingly every other online poker site on the planet right now, has announced a promotion to get players into this year’s WSOP, but unlike all the others, to win these two seats into Event #54- a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold ‘em tournament- players don’t have to play a single step, freeroll, cash game, satellite, or really any poker at all; they just need to come up with one idea on what they would be willing to do, if they lost before their friend did, when they finally do sit down to play in Las Vegas this July 1st.

The Cereus Poker Network’s “Craziest Last Longer Bet” promotion, is encouraging anyone with a good humiliating or hilarious idea for a last longer prop bet, to upload a video of it to YouTube, spelling out the terms and what exactly the loser will have to do.  The video will have to be short (under 90 seconds), properly tagged (e.g. “Our video for the last longer bet.”) and funny- or at least have lots of potential- because the top ten best ones will be voted on by regular Cereus players, with the overall favorite scoring the seats, airfare, tickets to a VIP party, and cool Vegas hotel accommodations.

Famous prop bets, whether they involve guys getting fake breasts, vegetarians eating hamburgers, or Sebok having Gavin and Madsen’s faces tattooed on his body, have been a fun part of poker lore seemingly since it’s inception; thanks to the Cereus Poker Network, now may be the time for you to join that noble- and almost always humiliating- tradition.

For more information on the “Craziest Last Longer Bet” promotion click here.

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