PokerRoad to Host First Freeroll for Fans TOMORROW!
March 29, 2022
Well, we've been talking about on the radio show for weeks now (or rather I've been writing the copy and Ali has been talking about it), and now in less than 15.5 hours from the moment I'm writing this, PokerRoad Fanboys (and FanGirls of course) will be mixing it up on the virtual felt with the stars of their favorite Radio Shows, Video Content, and written content - not to mention the chance to bust a huge group of PokerRoad staffers who only do things like web programming and writing news stories like this one because they lack even an inkling of the skills of the stars they work with. (Hint, there's going to be some money even dead-er than the fans).

(HINT #2 - If you want to skip to the instructions on how to register, scroll to the very bottom of the article... but you have to promise that you go back and read the rest of the awesome article.

So far, here's what we know about the lineup of PokerRoad Stars, PokerRoad Grunts, and Friends of PokerRoad that will be participating in the freeroll (along with their screennames):

*Ali "Aliwood" Nejad - Ali Nejad (red pro)
*Gavin "The Caveman" Smith - Gavin Smith (red pro)
*Joseph "The Cublet" Sebok - FTP name newly changed to "Joe Sebok" (pro, but not red, actually kinda resembles the same color font every regular user has...)
*Scott "The Talent" Huff - SteamingDonkey
*Joe Stapleton - CousinBalki
*Courtney Harrington on Hold'em - Court02
*Al-FX - Dominican Al
*Amanda Leatherman - 777Vixen777 (cool screenname...)
*ShronkDaddy - gadz00ks_x
*Marc Anderson, our intern who finds and writes all of our news stories (except this one) - "eggjuggler"

Haralabob will not be able to play, so we got his regular fill-in Shane 'shaniac' Schleger to fill his spot! - "HateItOrLoveIt" on Full Tilt.

As for Friends of PokerRoad you'll be mixing it up with: *Self-admitted PokerRoad Junkie, Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke is planning on playing.

*We are currently playing phone tag with Jeff Madsen, Paul Wasicka, Kevin Saul, and Mark Newhouse - so none of those are definite yet.

*One of my good friends Scotty Novak (winner of the most recent FTOPS Razz Event) will be sporting his 'FTOPS Winner' avatar under the name "scotyno." Scotty is obviously a huge baller and has placed a $10 bounty on himself.

*Tiffany Michelle ("HotChipz"), Video Hostess for PokerNews at last year's World Series of Poker will be joining us and she is claiming to be putting a hefty bounty on boyfriend and Professional Blackjack Bad Boy Hollywood Dave ("Hollywood Dave" on FTP), because he took her to Taco Bell two nights in a row.

And now for some possibilities that would actually warrant us charging y'all tourney juice for booking these guys:

*The first has quite possibly spent more time at or around the PokerRoad Radio studio than Gavin Smith, yet always refuses to come on the show. He is ranked as the #1 video poker player in a number of different counties in Nevada, and is apparently the worst Chinese Poker Player on the face of the globe. He gets more mentions on our site than guys like Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, and Ted Lawson get COMBINED. After numerous people noticed his maniacal tournament play, combined with his reckless disregards for safety, courteousness, or getting haircuts more often than every leap year, he was aptly given the nickname of ... THE CHAINSAW!! Allen is however not confirmed yet, but if he plays, the player that knocks him out will get an autographed glossy 8x10 of THIS PICTURE.

The second surprise players that we have booked last minute became icons in the poker community after Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton found their song on the internet, and it became the anthem for the degenerateness of PokerRoad Radio. By proclaiming such in-your-face trash talk as "I WIN WITH THE ACE-HIGH, YOU CAN'T FOOL ME!", The guys of "95 Rocks". were so apparently the musical posterboys for PokerRoad, that even Barry Greenstein walks around singing "Ace High" non-stop without realizing it (he obviously blames it on Seeebaaahk). We're fairly sure they'll have bounties on them of their newest CD featuring "The Ace-High Song," and if one of you microdonks manages to actually bust one of them with Ace-High, we'll have to come up with something really special for ya.


Two big pieces of info you'll need. One of them I will give to you now on here, the other you will get after you sign up for the free PokerRoad Newsletter.

What I can tell you now:

SITE - Full Tilt Poker

Tournament Name: PokerRoad Freeroll (Go the "Private" Tab in the Tournaments section, sort by buy-in so that the freerolls are on top, should be the 6th tourament down, in red)

Tournament Number: #44259723
Date: Saturday, March 29, 2022
Time: 15:00ET
Password: ... ?????
So by now you've figured out the part I can't tell you now - the password. To get the password, go to The Free PokerRoad Newsletter Sign-up Page., sign up for the newsletter, and you will be emailed a special newsletter edition containing all the info I just gave you, PLUS the password. To guarantee that you're newsletter sign-up gets processed in time, sign up by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! (May 28). We will still be getting in as many people as we can that sign up after the deadline, but any sign-ups after Midnight are not guaranteed a spot. Also, some email services have been marking the newsletter as spam, so be checking your spam folder if you seem to be not receiving the newsletter in a reasonable amount of time.

If you sign up for the newsletter and something goes awry at some point and it simply never comes, email (a bunch of us will be checking it all tomorrow morning) and hopefully we can rectify any issues people are having after legitimately signing up for the newsletter and never getting it.

Ok, folks, that's more than enough information to easily convince you to play with us, and to easily convince you that it's incredibly simple and totally free to join up.

So, that's all there is. I'm putting a bounty on myself that whoever busts me gets all the sound FX mp3s that Al and I have collected over the shows. I am also putting a bounty on Tiffany Michelle that whoever busts her, I will tell them one really embarrassing secret about her. I'm sure once everyone is playing, we'll be throwing bounties out at each other left and right ... I mean, I REALLY hate that Scott Huff kid, he's going down.

Email questions to and I'll try to help anyone out that's either incredibly stupid or had an actual technical issue. Also, use your brain and don't get the password early and try to sell it for a couple bucks on craigslist ... they take it down within ten minutes ... I've heard.

Thanks in advance to everyone who is going to play. I've seen the number of entrants go from 20 to 90 in the time it took me to write this - and I'm a fast typist too. I used to pwn Mavis Beacon's headscull daily.

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