Michael Mizrachi’s In Money Trouble With The Man
May 13, 2022
Michael “The Grinder Mizrachi, according to a recent article in the Sun Sentinel, owes almost $340,000 in Federal taxes and is currently facing foreclosure on his home Miramar, Florida.

Mizrachi, who was interviewed for the article, admits to the tax troubles primarily blaming a recently released accountant who was in Mizrachi’s words “doing a bad job.”  Mizrachi went on to say he is currently “working on [settling the liens].”

Despite earning over $7 Million on the tournament circuit, Mizrachi’s tax issues have recently forced the online selling of a Hollywood, Florida condo, which he owned with his brother Robert, and will next week force the selling of his Miramar home as well, currently holding an unpaid principal of $367,359.

For more detailed information on this story read the Sun Sentinel article here.
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