PokerStars SCOOP Conclusion More Than "Fair"
May 18, 2022
The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker concluded yesterday, as the 3 final two-day main events (a low buy-in, a medium and a high) played down to their last 3 champions.

All three main events easily busted their posted guarantees- as did most of this year’s SCOOP events- with the $109 buy-in low version nearly doubling its $1 million projection, thanks to 19,188 people signing up to play.

The winner of that event “midjat” earned $191,892.59 for claiming the low main event title, but was far from the biggest winner of the day, and was in fact just one of over 15 players to score a six-figure payday as a result of taking part in the final events of SCOOP.

The biggest winner of the day was actually Florida’s Ryan “toetagU” Fair, who claimed the top spot out of the 615 players who entered the $10,300 buy-in High main event, earning $1,162,350.  Eight of the last nine players at that final table secured paydays above $100,000 with the top three all earning above $600K.

The Medium buy-in ($1,050) event had nearly as many six-figure winners as the High buy-in event did, thanks to 3,675 total entrants.  Interestingly, in that event the big winner was actually runner-up “cooperz0311” thanks to the fortunate circumstance of being in the lead when a three-way deal was agreed to, leaving only $60,000 left on the table to fight for.  The winner of that event,  “Mr.M.M0ney”, earned $443,137.50, leaving $448,500 for “cooperz0311.”

The final table payouts for the main events of the 2010 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker were as follows:

$109 buy-in, Low Main Event

1st.  midjat- $191,892.59

2nd.  Quitti33- $142,586.02

3rd.  B18GsrR- $95,940.00

4th.  Grodindono- $76,752.00

5th.  Andre "aakkari" Akkari- $57,564.00

6th.  pmahoney22- $38,376.00

7th.  MikeTBH- $28,959.14

8th.  iFROST- $17,269.20

9th.  Elpinto54- $11,512.80

$1,050 buy-in, Medium Main Event

1st.  Mr.M.M0ney- $443,137.50*

2nd.  cooperz0311- $448,500.00*

3rd.  Athanasios 9- $418,500.00*

4th.  888-OCTV- $211,312.50

5th.  NOREFUNDS42- $156,187.50

6th.  rage4dorder- $119,437.50

7th.  hook2120- $82,687.50

8th.  cashclctor- $45,937.50

9th.  KJulius10- $29,400.00

$10,300 buy-in, High Main Event

1st.  toetagU- $1,162,350

2nd.  Sumpas- $851,775

3rd.  BradL- $627,300

4th.  DuckU- $473,550

5th.  cpfactor- $332,100

6th.  BongBob- $261,375

7th.  siola- $199,875

8th.  jpmetalman- $138,375

9th.  delaney_kid- $94,095

*Denotes deal made at the final table

For more information on all of the events of this year’s SCOOP, visit the official PokerStars blog at
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