PokerRoad Freeroll: UPDATE!
March 29, 2022
Ok, few people are confirmed; here they are with their screennames: Jeff Madsen - Jeff Madsen Kevin "BelowAbove" Saul - getPWN3d 95 Rocks, the "Ace High" guy - Mr 95 Rocks Also, there are apparently some superfans out there because we have a "s3v3nthb0k" and a "YewJeanToddBro" registered. Kudos to those guys. And SUPER kudos to "Slamastika" - that is old school my friend. At the time Scott started saying that, I was still an intern and Montel Chilliams was still just a TV star. I haven't been told if The Chainsaw is signed up, and I don't know his screenname, but there are a "Dr Thesaurus", "Sexual Unicorn", and "thewhitewizard" on the list - either of which could easily be Allen trying to disguise his maniacal playing style. "KevMath", the moderator of the "News, Views, and Gossip" forum over at twoplustwo is registered. Also, I am putting $5 bounties on a few players since I just think they have stupid screennames: "P0KR ninja", "PocketDonkeys08", "Pok3rF4ce_NL", and "Raiders4life76". Sorry guys, but it should create some action for ya. OK, five minutes to start time. GL everyone and I hope Marc the intern owns you all and takes this one down. My last piece of advice for a big field freeroll like this? ... Win with the Ace-High. -shronk P.S. We just got seated and Tiffany Michelle is at my table. I wonder if I can tell her what to do like when we worked at PokerNews.
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