Maria Ho And Trishelle On Poker2Nite
May 19, 2022
Last week on Poker2Nite, Versus’ poker news and entertainment show, PokerRoad’s own Scott Huff and Joe Sebok introduced many of us to Sarah Underwood, a former Playboy Playmate of the year and current Victory Poker sponsored player, creating one of the most titillating episodes of Poker2Nite to date. 

Tonight the guys try to keep that special kind of momentum going, with not only the lovely, amazing racer and PokerRoad blogger Maria Ho as an in studio guest, but also the return of Trishelle Cannatella, another women who- like Underwood- has graced the pages of Playboy, and one who also happens to be the current record holder for Poker2Nite’s infamous “On The Clock” segment.

Just in case two beautiful women of reality TV and poker fame aren’t enough to snag viewers, this week’s episode also of course features the gorgeous Dana Workman, as well as all the poker news and info from the week that players need to know. 

Poker2Nite is truly becoming weekly must watch viewing, particularly lately, if you are a young heterosexual male.

For more information on tonight’s (5/19) episode of Poker2Nite, tune into Versus at 11 p.m. EDT, or visit the Poker2Nite website- hosted by presenting sponsor UB- for archived episodes including last week’s highly popular "Sarah Underwood doing yoga" show.
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