Top Players Step Up And Put ‘em Down In First Big Challenge Of The Season
May 21, 2022
Were now less than one week away from arguably one of the most highly anticipated yearly events on most professional card player’s calendars; an event that more than any other truly determines who is the best... at beer pong, the Hogs & Heifers Brunson Beer Pong Challenge 3.

According to the official HHBBPC3 bracket- now available for viewing online (click here)- there are 32, two-person teams assembled this year, all ready and eager to make a splash at the 3rd annual Beer Pong Challenge taking place Wednesday, May 26th, including such skilled competitors as Erica Schoenberg, Shaun Deeb, Chad Brown, Scott Seiver, Hoyt Corkins, Matt “All in at 420” Stout, Erick Lindgren and Todd Brunson, who along with Brett Jungblut, honored the family last year by making it all the way to the finals before ultimately being bested by the team of Dan Martin and Peter Neff.

Surely for Brunson and Jungblut, it was a heartbreaking near miss, but now in less than a week they will finally have their chance at redemption, as will all the other veteran players that last year came up just a little short (or bounced one just off the rim).

With the brackets now formalized, no more teams are being accepted, however this event is open to the public if they’d like to watch all the heated competition and rampant degeneracy almost certain to be on display.  Spectators this year will also be treated to Phil Hellmuth and Trishelle Canatella calling all the action over a bullhorn, as well as finally getting to see what many of their favorite top pros are really like, once they’re officially three sheets to the wind.

The Brunson Beer Pong Challenge 3, begins Wednesday May 26th, from 2:00 till 11:00 p.m. and will be held once again at the Hogs & Heifers Saloon, at 201 North 3rd Street, in Las Vegas.  For more information on this event visit, an official sponsor of this year’s Challenge.
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