Innagural PokerRoad Freeroll Goes Down
March 30, 2022
Thanks to all the fans for making this a great event. Even with some technical glitches which caused some last-minute scrambling to make sure everyone got their passwords, we were able to get 587 entrants into the tournament.

Showing up to the tournament (some of us in Red can't seem to wake up on time), were most of the stars of your favorite PokerRoad shows. Joe Sebok, Ali Nejad, Scott Huff, and Joe Stapleton all made some very poor showings for the hosts contingent. Scott Huff of Big Poker Sundayswas the first PokerRoad staffer to exit the tournament in 426th place. Fill-in BPS host Shane Schleger, also failed to get anything going, and his freeroll ended early.

Some Friends of PokerRoad got into the action and also didn't really get anything going(Jeff Madsen, Kevin Saul). However, another favorite poker couple of PokerRoad made a great showing. Tiffany Michelle (video hostess for PokerNews) and Hollywood Dave (bad boy of blackjack that has moved into poker) both had some success in the event. Hollywood was in the top 10 in chips for most of the tournament, but couldn't keep it going in the late stages and finished in 72nd, falling only 18 spots short of a $0.30 payout.

Tiffany was in the middle of the pack for most of the tournament, but made a great late run to finish 34th and taking home a giant check for $0.38. Tiffany was the target of a lot of fanboy chat throughout the event, and she dealt with railbirds, fanboys and haters alike, with a lot of class.

The only PokerRoad staffer to make any noise was Al-FX ("Dominican Al"), who was in the top 5 in chips for most of the tournament, made the final table, and ended up finishing in 9th place taking home $1.95 (and doubling his Full Tilt bankroll). Shronkdaddy, Firthbucket, and Marc the intern all had early exits.

The winner of PokerRoad's first ever fan freeroll was Frank Bones, who is actually Frank Frisina. Frank is one of the guys from 'Life's a Bluff' and works on our 'Livin on the Poker Road' comic strip. Frank took home $25 and a PokerRoad shirt (which all the top 5 finishers recieved).

The runner-up was AHCS110, who's real name is Scott Small. Scott played great throughout the tournament, outlasting 586 players, including all the pros and PokerRoad staffers that played. Scott says the thought of his son being "jazzed" about his success kept him going and helped him beat all but one player in this huge field.

Rounding out the top 5 were HotJava9, Damien OC, and Swunts, taking home $15.50, $11.25, $8.75 and $6.50 respectively.

Another big winner was Raiders4life76, who finished in 7th. As a result of some table chat at Sebok's table, it was decided that in honor of Joe's apparent desire to not appear on television for the World Poker Tour, our 7th place finisher (our Seventhbokker) would also receive a t-shirt.

Thanks to everyone that came out and we can't wait to do it again. The only thing I did right in this one was honoring my favorite music artist, "95 Rocks," (who also participated in the tournament) as the only two pots I won all tournament were both with Ace-High. You can't fool me.

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