PokerRoad Radio, featuring Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok, has been one of the top poker podcasts out there for some time now, and is a trusted source for inside poker tour information for players everywhere.

However, this important show, has also slowly gained the reputation of having more front men than Van Halen, more Captains than the Dread Pirate Robert’s ship The Revenge, and more different faces running the controls than the Tardis.

Some people celebrate these occasional changes of the PokerRoad Radio guard as a new chance at a fresh perspective, however many of us approach them with dread, fearing the worst, fearing change, or at best, fearing an even longer intro to the show then we have already.

Recently, I was let in on the fact that PokerRoad Radio will once again have a new host, and despite that host being trusted PokerRoad Cash Plays front man Jeremiah Smith, I still felt the need to get some answers directly from the man himself.

Mark Anderson: Hey Jeremiah congratulations on this new opportunity. So will you be hosting PokerRoad Radio from now on, or is this just a gig during this year’s World Series of Poker? Is previous host Joe Stapleton done?

Jeremiah Smith: Not only is Stapes done, his remains are in the trunk of my car. Actually, he’s just working on another project this summer, so Bear hosted a cage match to determine the host for the WSOP.

MA: Will we be hearing from the B-Team again?

JS: Whenever Court is in town I’m sure there will be some B-Team reunions. Both Jimmy and Devo will guest-host this summer. Also stepping into the mix are Paul Wasicka and Mike Gracz. Jessica Wellman will also join us from time to time to keep the boys in line.

MA: Will Sebok and Gavin still be fully active participants?

JS: Has Gavin ever been an active participant? Just kidding, Gav. Don’t punch me. Actually, I talked to Gav the other day and he is pretty fired up. Both he and Joe will be a vital part of PokerRoad Radio at the 2010 WSOP.

MA: How will this effect Cash Plays, should fans of that show be nervous?

JS: Cash Plays will remain on it’s bi-weekly schedule.

MA: Lastly, and thanks for giving us this time by the way, how do you feel about this opportunity to host PokerRoad’s flagship show?

JS: I’m looking forward to staying on top of all the action at the WSOP. I’ve already talked to some top-notch pros about joining us, and I’m sure we’ll have some memorable interviews this summer. Not only that, it gives me an excuse to return to Vegas for the entire WSOP.

For more from Jeremiah Smith check out his informative podcast, Cash Plays, right here at, or listen to PokerRoad Radio this summer, straight from the Rio and the World Series of Poker.