$1.10 Sends A PokerStars Player To Everest
May 25, 2022
Poker is already known by many as an activity that can create unexpected opportunities for the fortunate, but the newest PokerStars promotion announced today, may just surprise even the most seasoned players, that had thought they'd seen it all.

Sunday, May 30th at 18:00 ET, PokerStars is running a single $1.10 poker tournament, with the winner earning a free trip to the biggest mountain on the planet; along with the opportunity to accompany two top climbers along their initial steps to the summit of Mt. Everest.

The climbers, known as the Pantagonian Brothers, Damien and Willie Benegas, plan on playing poker themselves throughout their trip towards the summit, aiming to be part of the highest poker game ever held on earth.  Along with that chance, the Pantagonian Brothers are also looking to raise money for a foundation dedicated to cleaning Everest after years of rubbish being left around by previous adventurers.  PokerStars, along with hosting the impossibly cheap yet unique tournament, will also donate $5,000 to that cause as well.

The winner of Sunday's $1.10 tournament will get the opportunity to play poker with the Brothers, as high as their Himalayan base camp, getting a mighty close view of one of the Earth’s original natural wonders at the same time.  Players unable to take the trip, will be able to cash their exotic ticket in for a $2,500 alternative cash prize, which even without the Everest option, would seemingly be well worth the $1.10 investment.

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