Hellmuth, Luda, And The Sex Room
May 26, 2022
When Phil Hellmuth first let many of us know- via his Twitter account @phil_hellmuth - that he was appearing in Ludacris’ new video, there was quite a bit of disbelief, however now with the video out, circulating, and full of numerous conspicuous UB logos, the idea seems a bit more understandable.

The new video, for the song “Sex Room,” is primarily about Ludacris, 4 women, and attempts to recollect one wild blacked-out night in Vegas.  Hellmuth and a poker game with the boys, is just one part of that crazy night and he is easily spotted in the video winning all the UB emblazoned chips, despite Ludacris being the star.

Picturing Hellmuth hanging with Luda at the Palms, wasn’t the easiest thing to do before the video’s official release and even after seeing them together, to many it still strains credibility, but probably best to judge for yourself, the video can be found here at
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