Savage Grabs New Executive Role With The World Poker Tour
June 17, 2021
Tournament Director extraordinaire Matt Savage, according to a recent press release, will no longer just be running the occasional World Poker Tour stop at say the Bay 101 Shooting Star or the LA Poker Classic- as he’s done before- but will instead now be overseeing all the stops, as the WPT’s new Executive Tour Director.

Savage, respected by poker players all around the circuit for his fair structures and interesting tournament twists, apparently plans to use this new Executive Tour Director role to create a more accessible and unified World Poker Tour for all involved. 

“I am excited about this opportunity to work with WPT as their Executive Tour Director,” stated Savage. “WPT is one of the most respected and recognizable brands in poker, and I am happy to be a part of its efforts to improve tournament poker for players, fans and casinos.”

Such a statement, made by other Tournament Directors around the tour, could easily be written off as little more than big talk, but with Savage, with dozens of successfully run tournaments to his credit as well as being one of the original founders of the Poker Tournament Directors Association, major changes in the WPT could soon be afoot.

As a result of this new opportunity, Savage’s smiling face may now be seen less actually settling disputes on specific tournament floors around the country, but his overall influence, as one of the most respected tournament crafters in all of poker, should become apparent for any tour goer who actually takes the time to stop and take a look.
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