Norwegian Poker Championships To Be Relocated
April 1, 2022
Norway, much like the rest of the World, is currently in a grey area when it comes to the legality of poker. Recently, Norwegian authorities have decided that poker is similar to a "lottery" and is therefore illegal under Norwegian law. This decision has made things understandably difficult for organizers of this year's annual Norwegian Poker Championships, that was about to enjoy it's seventh successful year. The logical thing to do would probably be to cancel or postpone this event, yet organizers came up with a slightly more unexpected plan - deciding instead to relocate to England.

This year's Norwegian Poker Championships will he held at the "Dusk Till Dawn" club in Nottingham, England. The 2008 event will run from April 28th through May 5th, and will offer tournament buy-ins ranging from ?100-500. Organizers have chartered a plane for the event and expect 400 to 500 Norwegians to make the pilgrimage to the UK in order to play in the popular event.

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