2010 WSOP Main Event: And On To Day 3
July 12, 2021
The last of the Day Twos of the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event wrapped up over the weekend, clearing the way for a combined total Day 3 field of 2,557 players, to sit down Monday to continue playing towards the final table.

Many players that were optimistic they would be a part of that Day 3 field as the weekend began, found themselves out of the running after a tough Day 2b, that saw the end to many of poker’s brightest stars including PokerRoader and 2009 November Niner Phil Ivey, who was eliminated relatively early on in the day, in a classic Queens vs. Kings type scenario that saw Ivey suck out a Queen on the turn only to be rivered moments later, when another King appeared.

Ivey was just one of several recent WSOP Main Event final tablists eliminated on the trying day, others included Ylon Schwartz, Jeff Shulman, Josh Arieh, Hevad Khan, and 2009 runner-up Darvin Moon.

Other big names eliminated During Day 2b included PokerRoad’s Thuy Doan, Kirk Morrison, Shannon Elizabeth, Tom Schneider, Perry Friedman, David “Bakes” Baker, Cyndy Violette, Andy Bloch, Gavin Griffin, Orel Hershiser, Trishelle Cannatella, Layne Flack, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Dan Kelly, J.C. Tran and both Todd Brunson and his father Doyle, who unlike his son almost survived the entire day despite personal health issues apparently so disruptive, they made him recently question in his popular blog, his own ability to make any kind of significant run this year.

Clearly the day was not kind to many of the marquee players that showed up to play on Saturday, however quite a few did survive to continue on, including Vanessa Selbst (265,000), Alexander Kostritsyn (222,100), J.J Liu (218,900), Jason Mercier (186,300), Amit Makhija (185,700), Allen Cunningham (170,000), Karina Jett (170,000), Humberto Brenes (164,300), Scott Clements (128,500), Jean-Robert Bellande (126,700), Johnny Lodden (114,700), Dan Harrington (114,500), Chris Bell (112,100), "The Simpsons’" Hank Azaria (105,300), Vanessa Rousso (79,500), Barry “Poppa PokerRoad” Greenstein (76,800), Jennifer Harman (30,400) and recent Guinness World Record winner Phil “The Unabomber” Laak currently nursing an awfully short stack worth about 15,000.

After a day of rest Sunday, these surviving players will now join the Day 2a survivors at the Rio at noon, where for the first time since it began all the WSOP Main Event current players will compete at the same time.  To rail that action online or to read more about the Day Twos- thanks primarily to excellent updates provided by PokerNews- visit
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