Big Poker Sundays and Two Jacks to go LIVE!
January 4, 2022
Starting January 6th with the first Big Poker Sundays of 2008, PokerRoad will now be offering two of its most popular shows streaming LIVE! PokerRoad\'s live streaming content will begin on January 6th at 8pm PST with the first Big Poker Sundays of the New Year. This new live format will allow Huff and Bob much more interaction with their listeners, who can call in to the show at (866)925-8255. You can hear the stream LIVE on the Big Poker Sundays page right here on

Joining Big Poker Sundays in the changeover to the live format will be Two Jacks in the Hole. The first live Two Jacks will be Wednesday, January 9th at 9pm PST with Scott and Joe taking calls at the same phone number - (866)925-8255.

Whether it\'s a sports betting question for Bob, a comment on Stapleton\'s choice in movies, or just to question Huff\'s masculinity, be sure to call in and be a part of your favorite PokerRoad shows!
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